MINI clutch repair and coolant leak fix

We love MINIs at Mount Motor Works so thought we’d share a couple of recent jobs our mechanics have done.

The MINI up on the hoist has had the clutch wear out so in order to do the job the front bumper has to come off and then the entire subframe needs to be removed in order to get the gearbox out.

The unusual thing is this MINI is a diesel which we don’t usually see. Luckily we are well versed in all types of MINI so it’s no problem for our clever mechanics.

The second MINI out the front of the workshop had a coolant leak from the thermostat housing and needed a few minor repairs done for it’s WOF.  It is now all done and ready to roll.

Our mechanics are certified to perform Warrants of Fitness, however, since the workshop is new we are just waiting on the workshop certification.

Diesel MINI clutch replacement


MINI repair at Mount Motor Works


MINI mechanic at work

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