We provide a practical approach to diagnosing and repairing engine problems from troublesome oil leaks to poor performance issues and general maintenance. We are very familiar with common BMW/MINI problems and can advise on the best solutions.

Cooling Systems
It’s important to run a clean and efficient cooling system to help the engine run at its optimal temperature. We can provide cooling system leak repairs, coolant flush and replacement to maintain a healthy cooling system.

Suspension and Steering
Suspension and steering is now more complicated than ever with airbag suspension, electronic steering and sensors monitoring a wide range of information about the chassis system. We have extensive experience in repair and replacement of worn or faulty steering and suspension components.

Batteries and Electrical
We have excellent fault-finding skills when it comes to complicated vehicle electrical systems, using our up to date diagnostic equipment and years of experience with common faults. Batteries also generally need to be registered to vehicles after replacement via diagnostic equipment in order for the vehicle to charge and maintain the battery properly.

Exhaust and Mufflers
We can repair or replace any faulty part of the exhaust system whether it be a leaky or noisy muffler or a complete exhaust system.

We can provide service and repair of all brake systems including brake pad and disc replacement, brake fluid replacement, handbrake adjustment, and electronic brake repairs on ABS, ASC, DSC units and electronic handbrake units.

Drivetrain and Transmission Repair
We offer quick fault finding, servicing, and oil leak repair in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Dash Warning Lights
We can provide fault elimination and great advice when it comes to warning lights up on your dash. We are quick to diagnose problems and recommend solutions.

Heating and Airconditioning
We are very familiar with the repair and maintenance of AC systems to keep your driving experience comfortable.

We can provide you with impartial advice on the right tyres for your vehicle, and refer you to one of our trusted partners.

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